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Jen has amazing advice

Jen has amazing advice and give you options based on what you/your families particular needs are. I love that she doesn't have a one size fits all approach and instead gets to know your particular needs and what routines work for you. Just after the first call bub was already sleeping better after implementing the advice. Highly recommend!

Snehal P

Incredible experience as a family!

Incredible experience as a family! We never thought our baby would be comfortable and confident to sleep on her own, but to our surprise, she has been independently sleeping most of the times, this from being bounced to sleep! Jen is a magician! She not only helped us teach this skill to the baby, but also build confidence in us to trust our instincts and the baby's ability! Jen has such a holistic approach, and we are so thankful to her for how far we have come as a family! Highly recommended her services!

Laura Paterson

Working with Jen has been absolutely life changing.

Working with Jen has been absolutely life changing. After working with another sleep consultant and getting minimal change I am so glad I stumbled across this service. After a phone consult with Jen I trusted that she could help us. My 8 month old has gone from hourly wakes overnight and catnapping to 0-2 wakes overnight, consolidated naps and independent settles day and night in her cot and we are still seeing further improvements each day. Jen was always there to answer my questions and tweaked our plan throughout the support period to find the perfect routine for our little girl. Jen is so lovely, calm and positive, my only regret is not finding her sooner!

Monica Morrison

Our experience with Jen our sleep consultant was awesome.

We were very doubtful that this would actually work, but were willing to try. We wanted to do some sort of sleep training but were not comfortable with letting our baby "cry it out" alone. He had literally never fallen asleep without being held during his whole 11 months of life, and we just weren't sure how we could help him learn this skill. As parents though, we needed a change and it wasn't working for us anymore. He was also having multiple wake ups a night with sometimes 2 night feeds and inconsistent short naps. Jen really listened to our needs and helped us build a program and routine that works for our family and our individual needs. She was never pushy about one "right way" to do it, but more helped us adjust and tweak the program to work for what made us feel comfortable. She gave us the support needed to build confidence which makes all the difference. Our son has been falling asleep on his own in the crib and sleeping through the night almost every night! He also takes more consistent and longer naps. I recommend Jen to anyone who is needing a change or help with their babies sleep! She is amazing!!!

WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING (Women's Physiotherapy)


Phoebe provided relaxed and personalized solutions

Phoebe provided relaxed and personalized solutions to my real life pregnancy issues. Her help and support was amazing and she really made me feel comfortable by explaining what we were doing in terms I understood – even with baby brain!

She took the time to explain what was causing problems and the ways to help combat those issues. I would absolutely recommend Phoebe to anyone who was pregnant!

Snehal P

It was the best thing I have done so far!

I booked a Birth Preparation session with Phoebe at 27 weeks and it was the best thing I have done so far! I learnt more from Phoebe about my body, what to expect from birth and also my birthing choices than I have in any of my GP or Midwife appointments.

Laura Paterson

Not only about what will be the best for my baby but what will be best for me

As someone who works in the fitness industry, what happens to my body prenatal, during birth and postnatal is important to me so it was great to be given the information to help me feel safe and educated when making decisions not only about what will be the best for my baby but what will be best for me

Karen Pattinson

Phoebe's professionalism, humour and sensitivity were so welcome

Following a traumatic birth, I was warned by the OBGYN I could expect impairments that could significantly impact on the quality of my day to day life.

Thankfully, I had been cared for by Phoebe during my pregnancy. Following the birth I was able to immediately, confidently and safely start the plan she had developed for me while pregnant, as this plan had included various scenarios. Phoebe's professionalism,
humour and sensitivity were so welcome, and her support helped me really enjoy those first few months of motherhood that had the potential to be miserable had I experienced the impairments I was warned of. Thank you!

WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING (Women’s personal trainer)


I did the full 6 week program

I did the full 6 week program when my 3rd baby was a few months old, I Highly recommend this to any Mum post partum, it was easy to follow and I loved that I could easily fit it into my very busy life! I got amazing results with my pelvic floor and ab separation, thank you so much Stacey!!!!


It feels almost too easy at first

It feels almost too easy at first, like you’re not doing anything, but after some guidance and really slowing down and connecting with your body you realize there is actually a lot happening!

I wanted to feel in control and confident about my pregnancy and birth recovery.

I was scared and embarrassed about my symptoms and issues, not realising they were entirely normal and can be fixed with proper training and physio.

I feel more connected with my body and have a better understanding and knowledge of the muscles and movements that will over time correct the issues from pregnancy. 


Stacey! Amazing and genuine trainer

The course is comprehensive and has given me endless resources to keep working on exercises.

Stacey! Amazing and genuine trainer with a wealth of knowledge.


This is a game changer!!

This is a game changer!! Every Mumma should be doing this postpartum and aware of the in-depth knowledge you have put into this program to help us heal safer and stronger.


So amazing!! Well done Stacey

So amazing!! Well done Stacey.. I absolutely loved this programme and found it so easy to follow and fit in to my very busy life! I noticed big changes and would highly recommend to anyone post-partum.