'Arms to Cot' sleep mini course for baby

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Who is Arms to Cot Sleep Course for?

This course if for anyone that is looking to create some arms free sleep for their baby without jeopardising the amazing bond that you share with your little one.


  • You are looking to establish some healthy cot sleeping in your home so it becomes a sleep connection for your baby and an option you can use

  • You are no longer enjoying the sleep and settling process as much as you once were

  • You love contact sleeping or being the one that puts your baby to sleep, but you are also craving some time for you, maybe a break once in a while (your mind/body is aching for it)

  • You would love your baby to feel safe and secure in more than one sleep space and one way of falling asleep

  • Your baby just isn't finding sleep as easy as they once were. This is causing more sleep disruptions that has lead to short sleeps, broken nights and less quality sleep overall

  • You have been wanting a change but just don't know how or where to begin. Questions come up all the time around your baby's emotions, what to expect and how to respond without feeling like you are an awful parent

  • You are ready to learn responsive and gentle ways to help your baby to feel confident with cot sleeping

Ready to learn the tools to empower change in your home?

This course can be consumed over a day, or it can be completed section by section at a pace that suits your current situation

What is included?

Check out the course outline below:

  • The beginning
  • Preparation Steps for Cot/crib/bassinet sleeping
  • Sleep Additions
  • Should my baby be drowsy first?
  • Ready? Let's go!
  • Troubleshooting and Tips
  • Summary

*2.5 hours of video content, enjoy and go at your own pace!