Conscious Parenting – Parent with more Ease and Flow (Online course)

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'Parent with more ease and flow: nourish deeper connections with your children, understand and heal your triggers and create more harmony in the home.'


Does this sound familiar?

  • Sick of having to threaten your kids to get them to behave
  • Raising your voice or shouting at them in order to get them to listen
  • Feeling burnout, frustrated and often resentful
  • A never ending to do list… and your needs are at the bottom
  • Constantly triggered and unsure exactly why

OR maybe your children experience…

  • emotional overwhelm
  • anxiety
  • adhd/heightened energy
  • challenges sleeping through the night
  • separation anxiety
  • negative thought patterns

And you have exhausted all options… yet feeling unsure what to do next? 

Can you imagine having a deeply nourishing relationship with your kids, a relationship that sets the tone of ALL relationships to come in their life.

Our Bam Bam and Me partner Angela invites you to come and learn the skills, strategies and tools to:

  • support your children mentally and emotionally without feeling drained and resentful
  • support your children to understand and express their emotions, without "losing it" yourself
  • get your children to actually listen, without feeling like a broken record
  • parent from a “full” cup, yessss this too (with the right support) is actually possible
  • understand why your kids trigger you so much and how these triggers can be your greatest teachers
  • feel empowered and in control of your parenting
  • understand your children’s out of control behaviors and what they are really communicating to you
  • experience more harmony in the home (even amidst the chaos)
  • set boundaries and follow through without feeling the dreaded parent guilt

This program provides parents with the village that so many seek: support, guidance, laughter and friendships.

Here’s what’s included…

  • Access to a 4 month program
  • Fortnightly modules and lessons
  • Fortnightly 90 minute group coaching calls
  • Practical tasks and activities to implement in the home
  • Group message thread for extra support and a village in your pocket
  • A bonus 1 on 1 healing session online
  • Annnnnnd bring your partner for free, so you can be on the same page in your parenting!