POST NATAL ONE Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations (6 week online program plus postpartum physiotherapy consultation)

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Pelvic Floor & Core, FOUNDATIONS - Prevention, Rehabilitation & Refresher 

*This is a 6 week program with life time access to the platform including any updates and resources available on the app. 

The ultimate online program for all Women, Specifically Pregnancy, Postnatal 6 weeks to 30 years+

This program is bridging the gap for SAFE return to exercise after Birth at 6 weeks Post Natal and beyond.

This is the GO TO, Foundation Program from 6 weeks Postpartum, to rehabilitate your pelvic floor and core and to ensure it is functioning optimally before returning to your previous or new exercise routine.

Without the correct and safe function of your core, it can weaken and cause long lasting trauma on the body and dysfunction.


Supported, Guided & Backed by Womens Health Physiotherapists.

This Program is researched and evidence based.

For all Women, especially post birth and at any age even if you had your children decades ago or no children at all. 

If you simply feel you need to have a Refresher, or a deeper knowledge and understanding, this is also for you.

  • Learn- How to hold your pelvic floor and core safely, while coughing, sneezing, running, jumping.
  • Learn- Posture and Lifting techniques to support your body and help it heal and become strong.
  • This is the education you need for everyday life, to be strong healthy and injury free, take control back from your body.

 The Program is designed to run over 6 weeks;

  • Options can include in person sessions or LIVE with a qualified personal trainer at certain dates and ON DEMAND access.
  • 24/7 access to the whole program all at once, so you can go at your own pace.
  • It will depend on your specific needs, and how much recovery you require
  • The program can be used to compliment your current gym or strength program to better refine your breathing and core techniques.


  • Easy to follow daily videos to restrengthen your Pelvic Floor Core in a 6 week Structured Program
  • Go at your own pace, do as much or as little as you like, and take as much time as you need to complete the program.
  • Download our program as an app-like function on your phone or tablet.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls to technique check and ask questions 
  • Extra Mobility Exercises & Stretches, and a weekly challenge
  • Extra Information and Education to better your movement, posture and enhance daily life
  • Printable Weekly Workout Sheet to keep you accountable
  • And much more…

*It is highly recommended to pair this program with an assessment by a Women's Health Physiotherapist, for correct assessment and care and to have an actual true and correct diagnosis of function, this will help to tailor this program more specifically for you, if you have any symptoms that could indicate pelvic floor dysfunction.

This package includes one postpartum physiotherapy consultations (Face to face  Gold Coast and Telehealth Australia wide). Health rebates may applied for eligible customers.