Mumma and Bubba Nutritional and Toxicity Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Care Package (Online)

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Give your newborn the best gift of health and help identify what nutritional needs you both require for immune health, brain health, energy, recovery after pregnancy and for lactation plus so much more.

Pregnant women lose 10% of their total supply of minerals to her baby with each pregnancy.

If you have previously had your preconception or pregnancy testing done please accept an extra $10 discount.

A non invasive Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test just using a small sample of uncoloured hair (if you colour your hair you will need to wait 8 weeks so the regrowth) can be used for the assessment.

The package includes:

  • Free (no obligation) initial 20 minute consultation if this is your first assessment.
  • Functional Medicine Gold Standard Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis tests from Interclinical Laboratories
  • 1 hour consultation and detailed report to explain both of your results
  • Customised health plan based on the results
  • Diet Plan
  • Email support for 2 months
  • Free gift