Pregnant Mumma Nutritional and Toxicity Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Care Package (Online)

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How nutritionally strong is your body from a cellular level?

 During pregnancy our bodies need to be strong from a cellular level in order to cope with the many changes required through each trimester of pregnancy and beyond.


A non invasive Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test just using a small sample of uncoloured hair (if you colour your hair you will need to wait 8 weeks so the regrowth) can be used for the assessment.

The package includes:

  • Free (no obligation) initial 20 minute consultation
  • Functional Medicine Gold Standard Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test from Interclinical Laboratories
  • 1 hour consultation and detailed report to explain both of your results
  • Customised health plan based on the results
  • Diet Plan
  • Email support for 2 months
  • Free gift